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Whether you are just starting to explore mindfulness and what it has to offer, wanting to deepen your understanding and use of mindfulness tools, or are a seasoned mindfulness practitioner, we have a class on the Western Slope for you.
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A day of Mindfulness



April 4, 2020


Grand Junction, CO


Mindfulness Tools for Reducing Stress: A Four Week Series


We will experience various ways to practice mindfulness, with a focus on day to day applications. There will be guided discussions about stress and the body, as well as some exploration of what research is telling use about mindfulness.  Handouts will be provided. Each class builds on the previous, so it is recommended to attend all four. Attend this class to introduce yourself to mindfulness or refresh your practice by learning with others. Each class is 90 minutes long.


Wednesdays 6-7:30pm

October 16-23, 2019


255 Hunter Parkway in Ridgway, CO


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course


This 8 week class an internationally recognized, evidence based course designed to guide and support participants in cultivating moment to moment awareness in an in depth and systematic way. The course was originally designed at University of Massachusett's Medical Center (1979- present) to support patients with medical conditions exacerbated by stress, and now is offered in a variety of settings and as a way to promote health, well BEING, and resilience in anyone seeking to increase ease and clarity in their life. Winter 2020 program will include 2 pilots- a lower cost "do it yourself" and a more intensive option.


Thursdays, 5:30-7:30pm
Jan 9- Feb 26, 2020


Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery, Montrose, CO

Contact us if you would like to take a take class and cost is a barrier

About MBSR for individuals

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is one of the most researched curriculums for learning about the efficacy of mindfulness training to alleviate stress concurrent with medical conditions.

Due to my training with University of Massachusetts’ Center for Mindfulness, and my dedication to experiential learning, all of our classes are MBSR inspired. Whether you choose an introductory class or the full 8 week course, you will encounter themes, practices, and inquiry-based dialogue that embody the MBSR spirit.

The formal mindfulness practices taught and practiced in our classes build a foundation for the weaving moment to moment awareness and creative responding into everyday living. This is when the rubber hits the road and your presence of mind, body, and heart matter most! By exercising the “awareness muscle” during moments of relative calm and during times of stress, you are bolstering attentional capacity, supporting emotional regulation, and opening a door to valuable self-knowledge, a powerful tool in and of itself for acceptance, growth, and change.


Research has supported a variety of potential benefits from practicing mindfulness. With a daily 30 min practice, some studies found changes in the brain in as little as two weeks  (Davidson, et la).

Improved immune function.
Positive impact on factors linked with heart disease (stress, blood pressure, heart rate variability).
Enhanced self-efficacy and coping.
Reduced pain symptoms.
Sense of physical and emotional well-being.
Improved mood.
Enhanced ability to meet life’s challenges.
References: Meditation for Health and Happiness, UW Integrative Medicine
Department of Family Medicine, Clinician handout, March 2007.

“The Science of Mindfulness” by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel,, December 12, 2016

“Mindfulness can improve heart health” Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School, published February 2018
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