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May 20, 2020

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All of our group, individual, and tailored classes are inspired by the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction evidence based curricullum.

For Individuals

A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class has something to offer both those who have been practicing or teaching for some time, and those who are just beginning to explore mindfulness. Online and in person options available.
Individual Classes

Tailored Programs

Classes and workshops can be designed to suit your group or organization's needs. We offer 45 minute lunch and learns, half and multi day workshops, and on site courses.
All Programs

For Healthcare Providers

Those who work in health care settings encounter stress, pain, and illness everyday. Mindfulness training is an evidence based, non pharmacological, complementary intervention health and mental health providers can offer both patients and staff who are stressed out, burnt out, or overwhelmed.
Provider Classes


Mindfulness is best approached with a bit of willingness to try something new or continue to develop your capacity for unbiased awareness, and some sense of why you are engaging in the practice or class.

What People Are Saying:
"I easily have fallen into patterns of depression and anxiety my entire life and I have found myself constantly worrying about the future. I have a pattern of having difficulty being in the moment. This tends to make my life feel out of control. Since taking the MBSR class I find myself interested in being more aware and present. I find myself to be more patient. I am also cognizant of my emotions, pleasant and unpleasant. My mind still wanders a lot which I find frustrating, and I am also finding myself more willing to be kind to myself."
LD, Nurse, Healthcare professional

"I found this course to be very helpful in problems of daily life: work stress and insomnia. The meditation aspect of MBSR is well presented and instructed. Daily practice with this routine is one of the calmest parts of my day. I recommend this course for anyone,  but especially for busy working professionals."  SA, Healthcare professional

“Nichole’s training was a life changing experience for me. I highly recommend her training for all members of the community.”  
KR, trauma survivor and active community member

“I am an MBSR graduate, and I feel the course and the concepts of mindfulness have contributed to my well-being and peace. I’m grateful for Nichole and many others for putting so much time and effort into this wonderful adventure.” TR, retired psychotherapist

“I had the good fortune to take Nichole’s MBSR course in Montrose in early 2019. Far more than just an introduction to mindfulness, it goes in-depth on many aspects and provides the tools to fashion your own mindfulness practice going forward. (And once you experience the benefits, you will want to!) The group dynamic and interaction was very helpful and illuminating. I strongly encourage anyone to take this course!”TH, local business owner
What People Are Saying (continued)
“Performance and social anxiety thoughts and feelings were the initial problems that brought me to the course. The MBSR course is helping me to learn slowly to relax in the churn and boil, find my board, get back on my chest and not give up surfing the powerful waves toward the shore of a peaceful sands, where I can then gaze at the emotions and thoughts with a different appreciation, have compassion for myself, compare myself less to the "pros, and then head back into the wildness when called or pulled in again.” AR, real estate agent

"I signed up for the MBSR LITE course due to difficulties dealing with a chronic health condition, trauma, and family challenges. This course helped me gain some very helpful tools to develop awareness around my own stress response regardless of the stress levels occurring in my life. It has given me increased peace of mind, better sleep, and a feeling of hopefulness for my future health and well being. As long as I've known Nichole I've enjoyed and appreciated her special insight and communication style.I've noticed that I recover from stressful events quicker, and catch myself spiraling into an overly strong stress reaction before it gets too bad. I also am much more aware of my physical sensations surrounding my stress response and my reactivity."SY, self employed farmer/homesteader

"Anxiety that developed after my recent serious life-threatening health issues &  my husband's heart attacks caused me to sign up. Since taking the MBSR LITE course,  I am more relaxed and I am more aware of when I am judging myself.  I am working on seeing the judgments more as thoughts, resulting feelings & behind them all, the beliefs I hold. I am developing a new relationship with myself and intend to keep practicing.    Nichole encouraging our own physical comfortable level was a relief. Finally, the teacher's face and demeanor really exude the calmness of mindfulness practice.  It's something to aspire to.” Administrative Assistant

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